2019, Core Seminar 3D
Felt, buttons, threads, cotton, ceramic, textured fabric, beads, copper wire, PLA (polylactic acid), hot-melt adhesives, lavender fragrance oil
"Playful (Art Beyond Sight)" is a reproduction of a potted plant in a playful way. Playful here can both be taken positively and negatively. It could mean both fun and jolly or cheeky and mischievous.
Possible and fun way of touching and exploration – Guidelines:
1. Start by touching the artwork with only one finger. After completion, follow second guideline.
2. Then try using two fingers from each hand. After completion, follow third guideline.
3. Now only use one hand to touch the artwork. After completion, follow forth guideline.
4. Finally, you can explore the object with both of your hands, using all fingers.

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