In collaboration with Thalia Kassem.
2020, Collab: Museum API
Activity Book
Mediation to the Public
“Discover the Secrets of the Ressources Garden” is a children's activity book of the Jardin des Plantes Ressources, which is a garden within the Jardin des Plantes in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. This garden houses plants that are traditionally used for food, medicine, cleaning, dyeing, fiber and perfume making. Children and families are more than encouraged to purchase a copy of this fun-filled activity book from the information center. There could not be any better place to learn about flora than in the Jardin des Plantes, whose primary function, since 1635, was to offer up its space for educational purposes and botanical studies. The book will introduce you to the mysteries and wonders of plants, and allows you and your children to have fun interacting with the environment of the garden. For instance, did you know that within the Jardin des Plantes Ressources there exists a medicinal plant that can treat fevers including malaria? And did you know that the garden also houses plants for perfume making? These and many other information will be available in the activity book for you and your child to discover! You can also borrow a magnifying glass from the information center! Activities in the book are divided into different checkpoints. At each checkpoint, different tasks are assigned. Whether your child is six or ten years old, we believe that this booklet is suitable for all ages to learn about nature in an exciting way. It is time to remember the secrets of mother nature!
(Please note that this project was not realised. It is a mediation design proposal)

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