Yin and Yang Dreamworld

In collaboration with Sacha Assi and Thalia Kassem.
2019, Dimensions
VR (Oculus), Video

Everytime we close our eyes and drift into sleep, we might be faced with the dream world which we have no control over. We can end up with a beautiful dream or a horrific nightmare. Often these illusions are brought forth because of life circumstances and issues we are currently facing in the real world. In other words, this vision during our sleep may be very well a reveal of our deepest fears or our greatest fantasies. Taking inspiration from this natural reaction of human nature, we wish to create an inspirational dream world that is separated into a utopia and a dystopia. At the beginning of the VR experience, the user starts in a bedroom, prompted to press X or Y. If he presses X, he will travel to the dystopia, the nightmare. If he presses Y, the user will travel to the Utopia, the dream world. By creating two opposite worlds that are both over- exaggerated and extreme, we will translate the importance of balance in one’s perception of life. Without the good, you wouldn’t know what bad is, and vice versa. Our project further suggests that you can find good in a dystopian world and bad in a utopian world. In the dystopia, the eternal darkness and the oversized scary and morbid objects highlight one’s loneliness. The emptiness and the absence of civilization pushes the viewer to turn to himself and his thoughts. No sane person could stay there a long time as it drives you mad: the clock constantly ticking makes you realize that time is passing, and you can never get it back. You’ve wasted precious moments on negative things, and that’s where lies the good in the dystopia, as you become more grateful and active in making your life the best it can be. In the utopia, the abundance of vibrant and pastel colors at first seems like a great place to be. The structures and flowers remind you of a walk in the park, except in a candy-like dream world. However, it is too perfect, it is too much, it is unreal. It corresponds to the idealization of a life that isn’t realistic and that will never happen. This utopia is here to teach you not to drown in unrealistic expectations, that you have to learn to be happy and satisfied with what you have because not everything will go as planned. In the virtual world we also allow the player to choose when to enter and exit the dreamworld unlike in reality when you have no control. In real life often when we wake up, we forget the details of the dream completely or we forget the whole dream completely, only the feeling of having dreamt something negative or positive is left behind. With this virtual reality experience, we want to enable the player to explore “their own dreams” again and again, so that they may interpret the meanings of their dreams or nightmares. Sometimes these mental visions tell us a lot about ourselves. To conclude, our dream world is here to help you find the balance in your perception and take on life; something that we could all apply in today’s world that is becoming more and more polarized socially, politically,economically, even environmentally as winters get colder and summers get hotter.

VR Game in exhibition space: Player lies on white bed in the middle of the room while playing with the Oculus headset on and with a game controller.

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