VR Inhabited Sculpture: Looking into Reality

In collaboration with Zoe Chen and Celinda Woodward.
2017, Space and Materiality

This sculpture shows reality in a virtual reality world. Humans are so used to virtual reality nowadays that for us reality almost seems like virtual reality. The rectangle box, thus, addresses today’s problem people have by being online and by being constantly on their phone. This inhabited sculpture invites two people to stick their head into the box which symbolises people’s interaction with each other on the Internet. The two people are facing each other.
However, on the sides of the box there are peep holes signifying that while you are online you are constantly under watch of other people. Everything you do online is accessible by everyone, everyone can see what you are doing even though you might be in a “private” conversation with another person only. The mirror on the floor has two purposes. First, it reflects yourself and your conversation partner online, however, not showing the people in the peeping holes. It should make the persons who are interacting with the piece aware of the fact that although they think they are alone, there are always the possibility of other people stalking. Second, it is a message from us, the artists, to the viewership: Instead of always looking down at one’s phone, one should look up. The mirrors here therefore, reflects the sky. The different boxes from the outside of the box
signifies the different webpages and things one has access to on the Internet. By sticking one’s head through one rectangle gives the image of people interacting with other people on a certain website.