Equally Ordinary

In collaboration with Ryuku Otsuka.
2018, Collective Works
Photographs, drawings, models and writing

Equally Ordinary is an Atlas that evolves around the topic Materials – Form. This project consists out of two photographs, a black-pen and a three-dimensional digital model drawing, two objects and a fictional story. The drawings, objects and story are all inspired from the photographs taken at Meudon-la-Forêt, a suburb just outside of Paris.

One photograph shows a grey concrete grid made out of indented squares, the other in contrast shows windows lined up in a similar grid format. This image is made out of nine individual photographs assembled together to form a portion of facade of Meudon-la-Forêt.

The title, reflects on how architecture can make it seem as if people are all equally ordinary, even though we are all unique. Furthermore, to put emphasis on the surrounding and construction of the building, we took the photograph from, the black-pen drawing explores the environment and at the same time the social milieu the building is in. The three-dimensional digital model realises, on the other hand, the idea of the windows being part of the concrete grid, making them even more Equally Ordinary. To build on the concept of diffusing window with a material that is not transparent, one object is a window made out of plaster. The other object addresses the perspective we take to look at the building. It looks at the building as a positive and negative space.

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